Many upwardly mobile Americans are finding that the higher they climb the wealth ladder the more treacherous it can become. With wealth comes the complexity of managing and preserving it which could involve as many as five strategies for tax minimization, investments, retirement income, risk management and legacy planning – more if a business is involved. All of these pieces of the puzzle must come together in a well-coordinated, fully integrated plan, customized to your exact specifications.

At Cook & Company, we believe your primary task is to embrace your wealth and transform it into an ally as you pursue your life’s ambitions. We are here to help you define your options and bring balance, clarity and purpose to your strategy.  Cook & Company blends large-firm resources with the personalized attention of a boutique firm to deliver leading-edge strategies tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

Utilizing a holistic planning approach, Cook & Company has the breadth of expertise and resources encompassing all of the critical financial disciplines to help you develop, implement and manage a comprehensive wealth management plan. From there, we offer a high-trust, client-first advisory relationship for a lifetime of unbiased, personalized financial counsel.

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